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Gyms all around the World

Photographs by Vladimir Pomortzeff

Gyms and their signs in the different places all around the world in the collection of photographer Vova Pomortzeff.

1. Havana, Cuba.


2. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


4. Trinidad, Cuba.


5. Havana, Cuba.


6. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


7. Maidanovo, Moscow Region, Russia. Text on the wall says: Speak Russian Here!


8. Kathmandu, Nepal.


9. Khiva, Uzbekistan.


10. Novi Pazar, Serbia.


11. Khiva, Uzbekistan.


12. Maidanovo, Moscow Region, Russia.


13. Havana, Cuba.


14. Gym sign with the ancient Egyptian god Horus. Luxor, Egypt.


15. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


16. Trinidad, Cuba.


17. Khiva, Uzbekistan.


18. Rissani, Sahara Desert, Morocco.


19. Khiva, Uzbekistan.


20. Maidanovo, Moscow Region, Russia.


21. Luxor, Egypt.


22. Young Uzbek sportsmen pose in front of a local sports club in the town of Khiva, Uzbekistan.


The photographs of this feature story were shot from March 2005 to August 2012.

Copyright 2012 Vladimir Pomortzeff

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